Catherine Andress: “The dentures make such a difference in my appearance. I am thrilled I ‘ll be able to enjoy foods I’ve not been able to enjoy. Thank you so much Dr. Gham and associates. Everyone at Dental Spa have been a pleasure.!”

Faith Zimmer: ” Manuel and Dr. Linda are denture geniuses – they transformed my teeth into an awesome pleasing production. They offer options from dental implants to cosmetic dentistry and always keep you – the patient – in the loop. Thanks so much – I can smile again!

” The staff at Christiana Dental Spa is amazing and so customer friendly from the time I entered the door. Dr. Linda Nguyen and Manual really helped me relax and explained everything that was being done. I am on my way to a better smile due to the staff here. I had a bad experience in the past which kept me from the dentist, but not anymore! Thank you, Dr. Nguyen! ” Chutin Wittington

” Dr. Linda, Dr. Arm, and the entire team took excellent care of me. Top notch dental care in an environment that promotes calm and wellness. It’s a unique experience that I highly recommend. ” Danielle Wilder

” As a lifelong Delawarean who has received treatment from multiple dental practices across the State, I can tell without hesitation that Christiana Dental Spa is the best game in town. The staff is friendly, the environment is relaxing, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and the results are unparalleled. If you have any questions about treatment options, insurance,billing, or any other matter, then there is someone willing to provide an explanation. I’ve never waited an reasonable amount of time for an appointment, and hey are very accommodating when I’ve needed to change appointment times. You would be foolish to go anywhere else. ” Zachary M. Berl

” I have been going to the Christiana Dental Spa for 10 years. Dr. Linda is the best dentist. She has helped to make my smile white and beautiful, with the help of her wonderful assistant Kelly. She is nice and caring. It is a very good place with nice, caring people. Thank you for everything Dr. Linda! ” Mayla Ritter

” I like to come to the Christiana Dental Spa because they treat me well. They are very clean and they are really friendly. The staff treats me really well and my dentist does too. I want to recommend this office. If you are looking for a dentist, this is the place for you. It’s the best! Thank you and keep up the good work! ” Armando Sandoval

” My experience at the Christiana Dental Spa was very good. I have been there twice and the staff is very friendly, cooperative, easy to understand and seem hardworking. The procedures were done professionally and the interior was beautiful. When I arrived to the building, I got a sense of calmness and peace. If I have to go there in the future I will be happy to go. ” Arioska Guzman Jopa

” I visited Christiana Dental Spa three times, and all of it was wonderful. I received good attention and excellent information about my teeth. Now I am brushing the right way! I got a filling and a cleaning and both of them were great. I felt great about the staff members. ” Ernesto Guzman Michel

” The environment is very pleasant, calming and pretty. Valerie was extremely helpful, professional and sweet as she discussed my upcoming treatment plan. I have faith she will do an excellent job with my dental care. Beth was also very professional and extremely nice discussing my financial obligations. ” Patricia V

“My first impression during my initial appointment at the Dental Spa was: awesome, clean, professional, with a very relaxing enjoyable presence. Each and every staff member was a pleasure to interact with, very professional and friendly. My dental care was outstanding and I would recommend Christiana Dental Spa to everybody. ” Jason S.

” Christiana Dental Spa is a very professional dental facility. My entire family comes here and I love the fact that they take time to know you as a patient. I’m not just a number. This is one dental facility that I’ve felt comfortable going to because they are very gentle and make every effort to make your procedures as comfortable as possible. I’m always recommending this office! ” Yousy R.

” Thank you for helping me to get the care I need in an affordable way! The staff is friendly and the environment is comforting. ” Nikki Frazer

” This is the best dental office. The relaxing environment is great. All personnel were very professional and friendly. ” Mayra C.

” I am so impressed by the service and patient care at Christiana Dental Spa. The staff and doctors are very caring, conscientious and take the extra effort to make sure you are comfortable. The dental office is very clean and spacious. They offer coffee, many types of teas and also have a massaging chair. Their dental exam is very comprehensive and they were able to identify dental problems early, before they became worse or too late to repair. ” Mary K.

Gage Merritt’s Grandmother): “Very good with people and does a good job. great with kids and you get appointments quick and fast. Very friendly people. Will tell other people to come here.